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Digital Earth Lab

Welcome to the Digital Earth Lab!

With the research activities presented on these pages we want to advance the understanding of the ongoing digital transformation of society. We are particularly investigating movements that are emerging from the constantly increasing availability of data that are generated and contributed by citizen. The Figure below outlines a typology of different contributions.

Figure source.

Based on our findings, and in order to identify and support opportunities for innovation in the interest of European citizens, we gradually develop and test an information platform that supports peoples’ intentional engagement in authentic scientific investigations (Citizen Science) for European policy making. This Citizen Science Platform is set-up to approach a complete (cyclic) value-chain, including the following steps:

1. Innovation in data gathering
2. Validation and quality control
3. Analysis and data management of the data gathered from new data sources
4. Integration of new knowledge in established decision-making processes
5. Communicating policy-related reactions to this knowledge
6. Monitoring the impacts of these reactions (closing the loop)