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Interactive Scape GmBH & GFZ
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Loss of the Night by Interactive Scape GmBH & GFZ

This web application was developed to make skyglow data collected by citizen scientists easily accessible, and to provide some basic tools for citizen scientists to visualize the data they have collected.

Skyglow is the artificial brightening of the night sky. It is mainly caused by lamps that radiate some fraction of their light directly into the sky, rather than onto sidewalks and streets. There is currently a debate about whether LED streetlights will make the sky brighter or darker. Data collected by citizen scientists is needed to tell us the answer.

The application displays data from four different sources:

  1. Visual observations from the Loss of the Night app (Android and iOS)
  2. Visual observations from the Globe at Night project
  3. Observations taken with a Sky Quality Meter
  4. Observations from the Dark Sky Meter app (iOS only)