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MYGEOSS - Applications for your environment

As part of our work, we are supporting the development of web-based and mobile applications as promising technological tools to support citizen science. Below, we present a gallery of the apps that have been developed directly by us or with our support. Content can be filtered in a multifaceted search.
Invasive Alien Species Europe invasivealienspecies.

The Invasive Alien Species in Europe app enables the general public (amateurs and professionals) to receive and share information about Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in Europe. It provides details about 66 different IAS that are considered to be of interest to the complete European Union. Users can record pictures of possible Invasive Alien Species together with complementary information about their observation.

MyNatura2000 mynatura2000

This app provides information about the protected areas of the Natura 2000 network. It allows users to send pictures collected in each site as well as an overall feedback about the protected area. Natura 2000 is the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world. It stretches over 18% of the EU land area and almost 6% of its marine territory offering a haven to Europe’s most valuable and threatened species and habitats.

SenseEurAir senseeurair

This app enables the general public (amateurs or professionals) to receive information about the quality of ambient air, and notifies them in case of an exceedance of pre-set pollution thresholds. It displays data from the air sensing networks that publish their data using Sensor Observation Services compliant with the INSPIRE Directive. The app has been removed form the official stores in December 2020, but the sources remain available for re-use.


The MySeasons App is part of the MyGEOSS project on innovative apps in environmental and social domains and addresses the mobile integration of optical satellite time series data for vegetation phenology monitoring. Users are invited to browse a 15 years global archive of satellite data ‐ derived from NASA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) onboard TERRA/AQUA for individual phenological monitoring purposes. MySeasons also integrates crowed sourcing of phenological observations by the individual user.

MIGRATE – MIGRation pATterns in Europe Migrate

A Web-based gaming application to raise awareness about migration in Europe.


A mobile app that suggests whether to perform a specific outdoor physical activity in a geographical area based on the environment quality: climate, water, coastal areas, and atmospheric composition.

OpenStreetMap for Dyslexics

An application to make OpenStreetMap more accessible for dyslexics, mitigating common reading errors.


A mobile app that combine sensor data about environmental pressure, temperature, luminosity and humidity levels with public to report on current meteorological conditions and make short term predictions.

City Focus City Focus

City Focus is a web-based interactive 2D and 3D GIS application to find the best place in a city to live or visit.

Loss of the Night

Loss of the Night by Interactive Scape GmBH & GFZ

This web application was developed to make skyglow data collected by citizen scientists easily accessible, and to provide some basic tools for citizen scientists to visualize the data they have collected.

My Simulated Sky ar Night My Simulated Sky ar Night

Our simulation lets you experiment with what effect changes in the design and technology of street lighting technology would have on the night sky

C-LAND: See Land Cover Changes

Mobile app for easy analysis and inform citizens and not- expert of land cover changes in Europe. The application comprises different sections like agricultural land cover, snow cover and deforestation.


IASTracker is an app to report possible occurences of Invasive Alien Species, i.e. species that occur outside their usual environment and might cause damage to local biodiversity, agricultural production, human health, etc. The app allows to record species observations using a pre-defined list of some well-known species.


CALIOPE EU provides 48-hour Air Quality forecast over Europe for the main air pollutants: ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5). This application uses your mobile device's geolocation service to show the Air Quality forecast for the nearest stations by using five categories: good, acceptable, poor, bad and very bad.


The app gives a clear and direct view of rivers, lakes and canals in Europe, presenting photos and additional crowd-generated information.

European Protected Areas Change Explorer

A Web-based application where users can explore land cover change in protected areas across Europe. The application quantifies the current status and historical change in land cover within Europe's natural reserves.

GeoAvalanche GeoAvalanche

Spatial Data Infrastructure for snow avalanche information


Open information system for farmers to optimize crops irrigation. Irrigation method and crops land together with metrological data are used to send notifications when field have irrigation needs.


A mobile app for digital field mapping in different domains like tourism, agriculture, risk management. The app can be configured accordingly with specific needs of the user that can use the same application for different purposes and can visualize different layers without the need to switch application.

QoL Mapping

A quality of life app that tries to answer to several questions like” Where should I live? Where my help is more needed? What do this neighborhood need most? Where should I place my business?”

E-SOL by Untold Rubies

Game for 6-12 years old to raise awareness on air pollution


FaceBee is a mobile App that aims to raise awareness among the threatened bees’species in Europe, by supporting the existing monitoring

Grow App Grow app

Investigate how climate affects plant life and turn it into a time lapse movie

FluSense FluSense

FluSense's role is to present information about influenza spreading across the Europe.


This app provides updated information and predictions about Influenza like illnesses

Cloopsy Cloopsy

Integrating satellite Earth Observation data with in-situ Citizen Sensing to support Copernicus Land services

itree itree

Urban trees provide many benefits to citizens. But they are under constant pressure. The itree-app aims at creating more awareness about the role of urban trees and the services they provide

Feed My Friends feed my friends

Our app to reduce household food waste may include a community feature, a points system, and contests to encourage better habits. 

OdourCollect OdourCollect

Odour Collect is a new citizen science project to create a map of odour nuisance reports using the nose of volunteers

Insect Alert

Mobile app informing the public when they enter areas with dangerous insects, snakes, or plants. The application  informs on potentially dangerous areas and is supported by a website with additional medical-related data and articles enhanced with GIS maps.

Walk and the City Walk & the City

App to measure and visualise the walkability of European Cities


Divers info on water quality, transparency, temperature, fish abundance and current intensity.


A hazard alerts app to provide and collect information about flood, fire and other hazard related events or signals.

Rescue NET

An emergency and collaborative team management application using Earth Observation and crowd-sourced data for hazard applications, civil protection and environmental monitoring.

Know Your City!

Social, economical and environmental indicators presented on a map-based view as a quiz

Dust Storm Monitoring by University of Rome La Sapienza

Near Real Time Dust Storms monitoring and impact assessment


A mobile app enabling crowd-generated data fusion in Earth Observation disaster management. App users are notified about active hazards close to their location or an area of interest (AOI) and can provide useful information to the system (text message, video, sms, etc.).

Mohana - MOnitoring of HAbitats at the level of a NAtura 2000

An app for management of Natura 2000 sites and protecting biodiversity. The app uses dynamic maps and user-generated content features.

ProPlant Monitor

Multi-approach information platform to collect data about protected plants and integrate with existing data.