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Topic in the spotlight
Alien Species are increasing worldwide and are currently present in almost every ecosystem type on earth. They belong to all major taxonomic groups, including viruses, fungi, algae, mosses, ferns, higher plants, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. You may participate by reporting occurrences of alien species near you.
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You may participate by reporting occurrences of alien species near you. All it needs is a mobile app that helps identifying different species, allows for taking pictures, and enables anybody to upload his or her sightings.
Data Access
All received contributions will be directly visible on the Web, including their current status of validation. The gathered inputs are displayed together with background and related information. In this way, it can be put into the context of the official data sources that are, for example, provided by the European Commission or the European Environment Agency.

Your chance to gather evidence for European policy making!




European policies undergo a complex decision making process, which is supported by scientific advice and evidence along the full policy cycle. With the ongoing digital transformation of society, we arrive at a situation in which the collection of scientific evidence can be extended to citizen. However, such Citizen Science contributions to policy making need to be targeted on the policy needs and schedules so that gathered inputs are available at the right time. We therefore see a need to particularly support citizens in providing evidence of European policy making. 

The Citizen Science Platform offers the opportunity for every citizen to contribute to European policy making. It is a customizable tool to facilitate data collection, particularly supporting citizens’ contributions. The received inputs are used to extend the evidence base for European policies. In this way, upcoming policy debates are not only supported by scientific advice of a few selected experts, but can also benefit from targeted contributions from citizen. 

We offer possibilities to contribute to European policy making, especially considering the use of smart phone applications. Activites focus on current policy priorities and the according need for evidence collection. We ensure interoperability of the newly collected evidence with the required decision making processes, i.e. we increase the chances to provide impactful Citizen Science inputs to European policy making. It also ensures that citizens’ inputs arrive at the time when required by the relevant policy debates.