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Below, we present specific multimedia outcomes of our work, such as scientific articles, technical reports, posters, presentations and the like. Content can be filtered in a multifaceted search.
Title Type
A domain-independent methodology to analyze IoT data streams in real-time. A proof of concept implementation for anomaly detection from environmental data Scientific publication
A European Perspective on Digital Earth Scientific publication
AirSensEUR: and open data/software/hardware multi-sensor platform for air quality monitoring: Part B: Host, influx datapush and assembling of AirSensEUR Technical Report
Apps Using Open Earth Observation Data - MYGEOSS Project Other Documents
Architecture of a Service-Enabled Sensing Platform for the Environment Scientific publication
Automated geographic context analysis for volunteered information Scientific publication
Big Data after the hype – lessons from the environmental domain Presentation
Big Data Analytics with the Internet of Things Poster
Big Data Analytics –Studies on Social Media Poster
Big Data Breaking Barriers – First step on a long trail Poster
Big Data Breaking Barriers –First Steps on a Long Trail Presentation
Big Data for Environment Poster
Big Data – a step change for SDI? Scientific publication
Case Studies on Big Data Visualisation Poster
Citizen Science and Living Labs: Same Same but Different? Presentation
Citizen Science and Smart Cities Technical Report
Citizen Science and Smart Cities, or Tomato Soup and Chocolate Cake Presentation
Citizen Science data –where does it go? Presentation
Citizens Science and Environmental Monitoring Workshop - Citizen Science across scales Presentation
Citizens Science and Environmental Monitoring Workshop - Citizen Science ecosystem Presentation
Citizens Science and Environmental Monitoring Workshop - Scene Setting Presentation
COSME 2014-2020 Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs Presentation
Data Democracy - increased supply of geospatial information and expanded participatory processes in the production of data Scientific publication
Digital Earth reloaded – Beyond the next generation Scientific publication
Digital Earth's Nervous System for Crisis Events: Real-Time Sensor Web Enablement of Volunteered Geographic Information Scientific publication
Estimating population density distribution from network-based mobile phone data Technical Report
Focus on: Citizen Science Presentation
Future Internet technologies for environmental applications Scientific publication
Future Internet technologies for environmental applications Scientific publication
Introducing Next-Generation Earth Science Presentation
Investigating data management practices ofCitizen Science projects
Investigating Data Sustainability of Citizen Science Projects Poster
Multi-sensory Integration for a Digital Earth Nervous System Scientific publication
MYGEOSS @ FOSS4G Europe 2015 Presentation
MYGEOSS @ the 9th European GEOSS Projects Workshop 2015 Presentation
MYGEOSS @ the INSPIRE/Geospatial World Forum conference 2015 Presentation
MYGEOSS Brouchure
MYGEOSS Lessons Learned v.1 Report
MYGEOSS poster on results first open call Poster
MYGEOSS – Lessons Learned v.2 Report
MYGEOSS: : Innovative Apps in the environmental and social domains Other Documents
New data sources for social indicators: the case study of contacting politicians by Twitter Scientific publication
Next Generation Air Quality Platform: Openness and Interoperability for the Internet of Things Scientific publication
Sharing datasets for Citizen Science:a JRC project Presentation
Survey report - Data management in citizen science projects Technical Report
The Horizon 2020 SME instrument and InnovFin EU Finance for Innovators for SMEs Presentation
Using Foursquare place data for estimating building block use Scientific publication