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MYGEOSS1 is a two-year project (2015-2016) by the European Commission to develop
innovative Internet applications informing European citizens on the changes affecting their
local environment. The project is part of the support that the European Commission gives
to the efforts of the Group for Earth Observation (GEO2), which is a voluntary partnership
of governments and organizations promoting the use of earth observations to inform
decisions and actions globally.

MYGEOSS is designed to increase awareness of the GEOSS Data-CORE, and other
open environmental data, and promote their use for the benefits of society, particularly in
Europe. Moreover, it aims to stimulate the demand for open environmental data by
involving citizen science projects, citizen observatories, and the public at large via mobile
applications based on EO products and services. To do so, the project envisages three
open calls for innovative mobile or web-based application using openly available or
crowd-generated data in different domains.

This report refers to the lessons learned from the first call for innovative apps.