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MYGEOSS Final Event Open Data, Open Source, Open Minds

Brussels, 6th December 2016, 09.15–16:30

DG JRC and DG RTD and coorganising the final workshop of the MYGEOSS project on the 6th of December which will show case these mobile apps and web applications addressing eight main themes: Health Applications, Invasive Alien Species and Climate, Disaster Management, Water and Irrigation, Land Cover Change and Protected Areas, Education and Awareness, Urban Areas and Quality of Life and Air Quality and Weather.

The meeting offers a good opportunity to see first-hand how open data and mobile technologies have the potential of involving the public in monitoring the local environment and contribute to the policy cycle. From this perspective it is of interest to the whole Environment Knowledge Community. From a Digital Single Market perspective, it also offers the chance to talk directly with innovators who have tried to exploit open data to develop a new products and services, and see the barriers they have faced, and lessons they have drawn from this experience. This is important since much hope is pinned on the open data policy and the exploitation of open earth observation (e.g. Space Strategy for Europe) to support innovation, growth and prosperity in Europe, and reality checks give us a measure of the progress made.

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