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Second call for innovative apps in the environmental and social domains

The challenge

The MYGEOSS project launched on September 15th its second open call for innovative applications using open data, or crowd-generated data in different domains that address citizens’ needs. The call closed on the 30th September and was a resounding success with 42 applications received from 15 countries: 43% from SMEs, 36% from universities and research centres, and 21% from individuals.

The International Panel

The submissions were reviewed by an international panel composed by members of staff of the European Commission, European Environment Agency, European Space Agency, European Research Agency, the private sector (OGC and Epsylon-Italia), and the European Citizen Science Association.

And the winners are….

QoL Mapping by SmallSignals
Mapping quality of life indicators.

WaterDirect by HKV Consultants
Crowd-generated information on rivers, lakes and canals in Europe.

eQUOS by Euro-Mediterranean Institute of Science and Technology
Environmental quality for outdoor sports.

OpenStreetMap for Dyslexics by Sinergis S.r.l. / Associazione Culturale "lo Studiolo
A GIS application to make OpenStreetMap more accessible for dyslexics, mitigating common reading errors

DisasterHub by National Observatory Athens
A mobile app Enabling crowd-generated data fusion in Earth Observation disaster management.

OSIRIS by Vexiza S.L.
Open information system for farmers to optimize irrigation.

European Protected Areas Change Explorer by Urbmet Ltd
Web-based application where users can explore land cover change in protected areas across Europe.

Insect Alert by Szymon Moliński
Mobile app informing the public when they enter areas with dangerous insects, snakes, or plants.

Atmos by University of Lugano
App to allow the public to report on current meteorological conditions and make short term predictions.

GEOSS2GO by Hydrologis S.R.L.
Mobile app for digital field mapping in different domains (tourism, agriculture, risk management).

Rescue NET by Technical University of Crete
Emergency and collaborative team management using Earth Observation and crowd-sourced data.

Mohana - MOnitoring of HAbitats at the level of a NAtura 2000 - by University of Lisbon (IGOT-UL)
Mobile app for management of Natura 2000 sites and protecting biodiversity.

OpenLitterMap by Seán Lynch
Mobile app to support mapping of litter in the environment.

C-LAND: See Land Cover Changes by Terrasigna
Mobile app for easy analysis of land cover changes in Europe.

ProPlant Monitor by Sau Hlef
Multi-approach information platform to collect data about protected plants and integrate with existing data.


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